Acting Advice: Imagination

Acting Advice: Imagination

Quote-Imagination-Sees-Things-DifferentlyI often sit and daydream. I got in a lot of trouble for it in grade school, middle school, high school, college…yet that exact skill set makes me the ideal acting teacher. I teach my students that sometimes their imagination must ‘fill in the blanks’ from everything to what they are seeing in front of them (not a casting director or camera or set) to sometimes when there are not enough facts for the scene, then they must use their imagination to answer what they are feeling in character, thinking in character and believing is happening to their character. The imagination fills in all those answers.

Your imagination is like a really great test taker if you ask me. You got a question about your scene, ask your imagination to give you an answer.

“Your imagination sees things much differently.”

Taking time to ask your imagination these questions is called ‘daydreaming’.

I have a 4.0 in daydreaming.