Student: I didn’t do my acting homework because….

Top Ten:

10. You only told the whole class to do the homework, you didn’t personally tell me, so I thought I didn’t have to.

9. I couldn’t remember what the homework was even though you had me write it down.

8. I don’t want to get bored of acting.

7. It caused me to get upset that I would have to do stuff at home and then I think wanting to become an actor will be ruined for me. Do you want to ruin my passion for acting?

6. My Mom said I needed to just visualize doing my homework.

5. I have to prioritize my homework at school. (Me: You were on Spring Break though.  Student: My Mom told you that didn’t she? She is so rude.)

4. I’m used to failure.

3. I needed some down time this week.

2. I was at my Grandparents. (Me: The entire week? Student: Well, no. Just the portion of the time that I remembered to do my homework.)

1. I really like you as a teacher and if I do my homework you won’t have anything  to teach anymore and then you might lose your job. I don’t want that to happen to you. Do you?

Kid Yoda: The cause of the because doesn’t matter.

Class is for classwork. Home is for homework. Don’t confuse the two.

Be out of excuses. Be out of be-causes. Be-come good at seeing that you are missing a chance to learn.