Conversations: MAKING MISTAKES

Conversations: MAKING MISTAKES


Conversation during coaching:

Young Adult Actress: Ugh…I hate what I’m doing.

Me: Well, what are you doing?

Young Adult Actress:  I’m trying to get it right.

Me: Well then try and get it wrong.

Being a professional actor doesn’t always mean getting it perfect and right. Sometimes it means making mistakes and seeing where that takes you.

So allow yourself to be relaxed enough in both your body and in your thought process and be comfortable making mistakes.

Make an choice that is wrong and go with it and see what new things you can discover in the scene. Be so caught up in the moment and blow a line. Maybe you will discover a new thought or beat that you hadn’t noticed before.  Start at the top and simply focus your work from a more truthful place but repeat the line twice and see which one seems more truthful.

Regardless, don’t try and go for your perception of right.

Dare to be wrong.