Behind The Scenes- The Fast LaneMaking her theatrical directorial debut in college, Goehl utilized her acting and directing experience and transitioned into writing and directing for the camera while serving as an on-camera host, entertainment correspondent, and associate producer for The TV Guide Channel. There she interviewed hundreds of celebrities, directors, and music entertainers.  She wrote and conducted interviews, and wrote and directed promos, tags, and bumps for the channels entertainment programs The Insider and Music News.

Goehl created, wrote and directed a one-hour young adult television pilot entitled The Fast Lane (Dreamtown) with Brewing Imagination Films in association with @LArge Productions. She was hired by Walk The Road Productions to direct the film version of Surprising Merrily, based on the Anglican House Publishers play that has been mounted all over the country.

Gayla has written, directed, and produced twenty one graduate short films for The Playground Conservatory. Original films include: Bad Little Fairies, Acting Human, Last Chance to Save Earth, Real Is The New Rich, The Wishing Hour, Space Dorks, Scream For Your Life, Jasmania, Treasure Quest, What Happened In Room Number 9?Telephone, and Too Bee Or Not Too Bee. Parody films include, Paranormal Playground, Kerry Sotter and The Sorting Hat, How To Get Away With Murder With Your Parents, Pretty Bad Little Liars, Happily Never After, and The Children of The Playground.

Goehl has also directed The Playground Conservatory’s regional commercial and many in-house promos.